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Peter and Helen Ness

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Phone:  416-767-9747

Peter and Helen Ness Enterainment for Seniors

Peter Ness

Biographies of Peter and Helen Ness

 Helen NessHelen has studied piano, clarinet, speech arts and voice and at an early age fell in love with the music of the big band era. With her 3 octave range and versatility, Helen is able to truly capture the era and essence of each song she sings whether it is a jazz standard, a hit Broadway showstopper or a well-loved operetta aria. Helen has sung in choirs all her lift and currently sings soprano in The Choralairs of North York Choir. An honour’s graduate of the George Brown College’s Activation Coordinator/Gerontology program, Helen worked in recreation for seniors in long-term care and retirement residences for 5 years and is able to bring the joy and enrichment of music to her listeners. Helen brings a sense of fun to every show she performs, often adding in some dancing!

 Helen sings in English, Italian, French, German, Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish and Latin.

 Helen Ness

Peter Ness Peter is a classically trained pianist. He is a skilled, experienced piano teacher, conductor, producer, arranger and composer. He teaches classical and jazz piano, plays the double bass and also tutors math.

Peter played piano for the Second City Touring Company, played bass and piano for Kid Bastien’s Camelia Jazz Band and was the in-house pianist for the West End Vegetarian Restaurant for over 10 years.

From 2006-2020 he was both conductor and accompanist for The Society of Singers, a four-part 30-voice choir which also performed for seniors. Since 2014 he has been also conductor of The Choralairs of North York, a four-part 30 voice choir which performs a variety of music for seniors in retirement homes and long term care centres. Peter has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and his ARCT in piano from The Royal Conservatory of Music.

Peter knows how to bring out the best of any piece of music, whether it be ragtime, Duke Ellington, Chopin or Mozart. Expressive and versatile with a sensitive touch, Peter commands the keyboard with a quiet energy that fills the room. He also does a mean boogie!